This blog serves as a directory of the ‘just for fun’ programming which I occasionally indulge in… as opposed to the professional software engineering that I do for a living, the technologies used for the little experiments here usually have little or no practical relevance for my professional work and  I play with them out of curiosity..

It remains to be seen if the information which I am writing down here primarily for my own use might also appeal to a somewhat “wider” audience..

It appears that people actually like my work and some are actually using it as a base for their own programming. I would appreciate if their praise was not only verbal but also reflected in some monetray contribution to support my work. (This will help me to pay for the costs of my infrastructure and allow me to devote time to future programming..) To ease your feat I’ve installed a simple PayPal based “Donate” button which allows for a secure payment (and it doesn’t have to be a fortune :-)).


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