WebAudio ahoy..


At last Firefox and Chrome seem to be making steps forward with regard to audio 🙂 .. giving me an opportunity to migrate my Flash based music player (see previous experiment) to an HTML5-only implementation.


Using Emscripten I compiled my C code into JavaScript and hooked it up to the new experimental WebAudio APIs (ScriptProcessor, etc)… what can I say.. it works (see here).

PS: Unfortunately Chrome and Firefox still don’t seem to be on the same page with regard to correct chaining of Nodes.. still some work to be done.


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  1. Great thing! I wonder if there is any news since last year!

    I have been trying to reduce speed a bit, since it sounds like it’s playing in NTSC speed or just a bit too fast?

    • The problem is that the emu still uses a hard-coded sample rate of 44100 and does not consider the actual replayRate of the AudioContext (which in Chome might likely be 48000 or even more – depending on your OS settings). I haven’t touched the code since the initial release but I’ll fix that problem when I find the time. (Meanwhile you could use Firefox as a workaround.)

      UPDATE: The player now uses proper resampling so that the music should now play with the same speed in all browsers.. (see http://www.wothke.ch/websid/)

      • So nice! Working on some new sid sounds that will slightly nudge the world of sid (wanted to type something like: change the world of sid forever, but that’s kinda hard to do 🙂 )

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